Tracker Pro 2: A Good Thing Just Got Better

TrackerPro hands free computer mouse

The TrackerPro 2 allows a user without the use of their hands use to send and receive email, browse the internet, and read or listen to a digital book.


Input devices such as mice provide access to computers, which in turn offer access to so much in everyday life. For those who have challenges with fine-motor control, there are a host of specially designed “ergonomic” mice. But what about individuals who have no arm or finger control? An advanced hands-free computer mouse option lies in two types of tracking devices: one follows the movement of the eyes (known as eye-gaze technology) and the other tracks a reflective dot placed on the user’s forehead. The former include Tobii eye-gaze technologies such as PCye Plus and PCEye Mini, and Eye Tracker 4C, along with the NuEye from PRC; the latter include tracking devices such as SmartNav.

eye-tracking input devices

The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C enables persons to activate an AAC device solely with the movement of his or her eyes.

SmartNav hands-free input

SmartNav offers on-screen navigation by means of a sensor and reflective dot that can be attached to a pair of glasses. 










The original AbleNet TrackerPro was a good product. The new TrackerPro 2 incorporates multiple improvements, including updated electronics and tracking camera, a more compact and modern design, two new integrated switch jacks for left and right click, and enhanced mounting hardware. As with the original TrackerPro, small reflective dot placed on the forehead, nose, or glasses of the user is tracked by the camera. Small head movements control the mouse cursor movement. Switches of various types (not included) can be added to control left and right clicks. Another option is to use dwell-selection software such Dwell Clicker 2 for automatic clicking.


A plug-and-play device, TrackerPro 2 installs easily and uses the standard mouse drivers already included on the computer, tablet, or smartphone. TrackerPro 2 is compatible with most Windows, Mac OS, Google Chrome, Android, and iOS devices.


Says the manufacturer, “The smooth and pixel precise cursor control of TrackerPro 2 opens a world of possibilities for the user.” These include email and other communication software, browsing the internet, and reading or listening to a digital book. We just purchased a TrackerPro 2 for our Technology Lending Center, where New Jersey residents can try AT out for themselves at no cost.

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