The Right (and Left) Solution: Penclic Ambidextrous Mouse

Penclic ergonomic mouse

Looking like a fountain pen in its holder, the Penclic is an ergonomic mouse allowing the user to assume a natural “handshake” position.


Access to a computer is very much part of everyday living. And a mouse is the most common way to navigate that system. One solution is the Penclic R3 ergonomic wireless mouse. As the name suggests, Penclic is shaped like a fountain pen. The handle is connected to the base by way of a ball joint, giving it the appearance of a joystick. The advantage of this design is that it allows the user to assume a natural “handshake” position, which prevents forearm and wrist from twisting. The Penclic is thus well suited for individuals with repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.


The Penclic is of a symmetrical design, with three programmable buttons and a scroll wheel, allowing it to be used by right- and left-handed users alike. Three adjustable DPI settings enable the user to program scroll speeds, which can further reduce unnecessary movement. Penclic comes with an AAA battery than can be recharged via the included USB cable.


Adaptive mice come in various forms. Other ergonomic mice (such as the VerticalMouse, Whale Mouse, and AirO2bic) have a more traditional appearance, but the idea behind them is similar. Another joystick-type mouse is the Jouse; the difference is that the user controls it with their mouth, much like a sip-and-puff switch. And for individuals whose disability does not allow the physical use of their hands or fingers, there are mice that are even more specialized. The SmartNav offers on-screen navigation by means of a sensor and reflective dot that can be attached to a pair of glasses or directly to the forehead. The other, the Tobii Eye Tracker is able use the movement of the eye to position the cursor.


If you are a New Jersey resident, you can try Penclic or any other of these devices free of charge through the Technology Lending Center, our assistive technology lending library!

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