Jouse3: A Joystick and More

Jouse joystick SNP assistive technology

Jouse2, Jouse3, and Jouse+ combine the versatility of a joystick with the functionality of sip-and-puff.



Isn’t a joystick for gamers? Well, yes, in part. After all, last year, Microsoft made headlines in the disability community with its Xbox Adaptive Controller. All along, the Compusult Jouse2 and more recent Jouse3, have been popular among gamers with disabilities. The venerable Jouse can do that and more, as is allows all users to navigate and move a cursor without using their hands.


Sip and puff joystick Assistive Technolgy

Sip-and-Puff technology was developed in the early 1960s as part of this Patient-Operated Selector Mechanism.

The Jouse combines sip-and-puff control and joystick versatility. Sip-and-puff actions replicate right- and left-button mouse clicks. The user need only move the precision joystick with his or her mouth, cheek, chin, or tongue to shift the mouse cursor wherever you want. The further you move the joystick, the faster the cursor travels. Gamers and others can perform right-click, left-click, and double-click actions with the sip-and-puff switch built into the Jouse, to move the cursor. (Last year, in this space, we featured the Jamboxx, a sip-and-puff device allowing musicians who cannot use their hands to create and play beautiful music.)


For those who cannot sip and puff (e.g., who are on a respirator), The Jouse3 can be used with external switches and switch-enabled devices, by way of switch outputs on the front of the Jouse3 control box. The Jouse connects to computer or mobile device via a single USB connection. Furthermore, Jouse3 does not require a dedicated power source, allowing for an easy plug-and-play setup.


The new Jouse+ includes all the features of the Jouse3, plus the following features:

  • Gaming Mode, an enhanced mode so you can more easily play challenging video games
  • Alternative Mouse Mode, a new mode for users with limited head movement or mobility, making it easier to move the cursor
  • Middle Mouse Button Mode, simplified middle-mouse button emulation to enable scrolling
  • Enhanced External Device Control, improved external device control for operating switch-enabled and mobile devices.

For those seeking the functionality of Jouse+ in a lighter, more compact package, there is JouseLite. Furthermore, we also offer the Penny and Giles and SAM joysticks, which will be covered in a future post in this space. Welcome to the world of Jouse3 and Jouse2, which may be fun and games… and a whole lot more!

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