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SmartNav hands-free input

SmartNav offers on-screen navigation by means of a sensor and reflective dot that can be attached to a pair of glasses or directly to the forehead.


With World Multiple Sclerosis Day coming on Monday, May 27, let’s look at a special hands-free mouse useful for persons with that condition and other physical disabilities. The SmartNav, from NaturalPoint, offers precisely that computer access.


Smartly enclosed in a sleek aluminum case, the SmartNav screen runs on Dwell Clicker 2 software. Dwelling is the term for leaving the physical mouse hover over a particular area of the screen. With SmartNav and DwellClicker2, the mouse is left pointing over a menu of commands. The user then uses an alternative pointing device, such as a headpointer, joystick, or optical dot (e.g., eye-gaze) to execute typical mouse commands, including right-clicking and scrolling. SmartNav can also display a virtual keyboard for typing. Finally, SmartNav also accommodates a host of external switches.


Digital empowerment for people with disabilities has lately been a theme of Global Accessibility Awareness Day and the 2018 International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

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