VisionBoard Offers Visually Impaired Users Access

VisionBoard blind visually impaired keyboard

Keyboards with large, bright high-contrast keys offer blind and visually impaired computer access. Photo by Francis Clarke, via Wikimedia Commons


Blind and visually impaired computer users need assistive technology devices to gain access to a computer. Previously, we covered the J.A.W.S. screen reader and the ZoomText screen magnifier. To help with keyboarding, there is also VisionBoard 2. Originally from Chester Creek, VisionBoard is now made and sold through AbleNet.


What sets VisionBoard 2 apart is that this keyboard large 1-inch (2.54 cm) square keys. These feature large, bold letters and numerals, which are contrasted against a bright white or yellow background.


According to AbleNet, the VisionBoard is also useful for individuals with physical disabilities involving small-motor control. With that in mind, the function keys are oval shaped. For both users, the VisionBoard 2 is compatible with the Chester Creek Keyguard. This keyguard is made of rigid and durable clear acrylic. This barrier allows the user to rest their hands on the keyboard without accidentally pressing any of the keys. Above each key, the keyguard features a small hole that helps the user find the key easier, also minimizing the chance of pressing an incorrect key.


If you want to try a VisionBoard in person, we carry several at our Technology Lending Center, a free service to New Jersey residents. If you are deciding whether the white or yellow version is more suitable, we carry both!


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