The BigBlue KinderBoard Is Key in Helping Young Users

BigBlu KinderBoard vision impaired children

Large keys that are color coded enable young users with vision or motor-skill impairments to select the right key


There are adaptive keyboards to provide computer access to users with nearly any disability. Last week, we featured the VisionBoard. Also from AbleNet is the BigBlu KinderBoard, which features large 1-inch (2.5 cm.) square keys to assist children with vision or motor-skill impairments. The large, blue keyboard also includes color-coded consonants, vowels, numbers, and punctuation marks. The color coding aids young users identify whether the characters are vowels, consonants, numbers, or punctuation marks. Some users could well benefit from the Chester Creek Keyguard, with which BigBlue is fully compatible. Entirely wireless, the BigBlue KinderBoard works with Bluetooth-enabled Windows devices and the Google Chrome Book.


Yes, our Technology Lending Center carries the BigBlu KinderBoard!

BigBlu KinderBoard vision impaired children









BigBlu KinderBoard vision impaired children



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