For Students with a Physical Disability, Dragon MathTalk Adds Up

Dragon software app can be a valuable assistive technology tool

Dragons have been part of mythology for centuries. While most dragons are fearful creatures to be conquered, those of the Eastern tradition also impart wisdom and good luck. A program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking has provided a gateway for people with various disabilities to communicate independently.
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Earlier in this space, we introduced Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a speech-recognition app. The program transcribes the spoken word to text. For someone with a physical disability prevents them from typing, or someone with dyslexia, this technology offers a critical solution.


It’s not only words that can pose barriers. From the same company, Nuance, comes MathTalk, software that allows the user to voice math without a keyboard. The user speaks the numbers, numerals, and symbols into the mic, and these appear on the computer screen. The user can also use their voice to move to a different line, as one would otherwise do with a mouse. And MathTalk integrated and works with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


The manufacturer notes that MathTalk helps helps students of pre-algebra and beyond learn the language of math, claiming that “voicing math helps teach user to both focus and formulate thoughts before speaking.”

  • These are some of the assistive tech items New Jersey residents can “try before they buy” at no cost.

    Can create interest for doing math in a bright–but bored–student

  • Can give confidence to a slow learner
  • Saves and prints legible math work and email it to the instructor
  • By using speech recognition, the user learns to speak more clearly and distinctly.

Another MathTalk accessibility feature is that math assignments can be translated to braille for students using BrailleNote or a Focus 40 device.


MathTalk joins our ever-expanding selection of assistive technology software, apps, and devices at the Technology Lending Center, a service free to New Jersey residents where they can “try it before they buy it.”

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