The AMAneo Mouse Adapter Makes iOS Devices Accessible

AMAneo iOS accessibility mouse adapter

With the AMAneo, iOS devices become accessible to users challenged by motor control.


Indeed, the iPhone and iPad have many excellent features that endear them to users worldwide. However, one disadvantage to these Apple products is that one cannot control either one with a mouse or a mouse replacement. A German company, CSS MicroSystems, has changed that. With its AMAneo BTi adapter, one can now operate an iOS device with any assistive or ergonomic mouse, rollerball, or joystick. For persons with small-motor disabilities, this is good news. This is because the AMAneo accommodates a variety of ergonomic mice, including trackball mice, (including the BIGtrack for little hands), joysticks, the finger mouse, a head mouse (such as SmartNav), as well as separate button switches, which could be used for right-click and left-click functions.


The AMAneo has multiple built-in assistive functions. Among these is an adjustable electronic tremor filter, which compensates the shaking of the hand. That way, the mouse pointer will still move smoothly on the display. With the click delay, the function activates only after a preset amount of time has passed. Dwell click timer function activated the left-click automatically, again if the mouse remains in position for a present amount of time. And these assistive functions can be adjusted easily, simply by pressing the plus or minus buttons atop the AMAneo.


AMAneo is also available with direct connection via USB for those who prefer that format over Bluetooth.

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