This Little Mouse Is Finger-Clickin’ Good!

ergonomic mouse assistive technology

An ergonomic finger mouse such as this offers individuals with fine-motor challenges access to their computers.


It was not too long ago, in a place not far away, that we talked about trackball mice. In introducing four designs, we asked whether trackball mice are a relic of the past and just for gamers. Well, here’s a compact version of those designs, and ergonomic finger mouse. In fact, with its built-in trigger button, this item looks like a cheap video game input device. However, as with the earlier designs, the ergonomic finger mouse can be a very useful computer-access tool for users with physical disabilities, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Trackball mice disabilities

Three examples of trackball mice that serve people with disabilities (left to right): Kensington Expert Mouse, Traxsys Roller II, AbleNet Wave


FingerMouse is manufactured by RocketMouse (part number FCM-G51) and Yumqua (part number Y01 or GFMI101). Being not optical, the mouse may at first appear to be an anachronism. Nevertheless, there is a reason: The mouse does not have to touch a surface. The trigger button is for a single click; in addition, there are the two right- and left-click buttons and a roller track ball (operated with the thumb) for scrolling, selecting, and cursor movement. Ambidextrous, FingerMouse is equally suited for right- and left-handed users. The FingerMouse is used off table, without limitation of operational space or a desk top. The device has a USB 2.0 interface, with plug and play set-up (no software is required.) FingerMouse is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.


ergonomic pens assistive technology

Among the ergonomic pens available at the Technology Lending Center are the EASYoriginal (LEFT) and ErgoSof (RIGHT)



Like the ergonomic pens (also available through the Technology Lending Center), the FingerMouse is an example of a device designed for everyday use, repurposed as assistive technology. This is great news for persons with small-motor disabilities!


If you have any questions about assistive technology and the services we offer, please stop by our booth at the New York Metro Abilities Expo, anytime between Friday, May 4, and Sunday, May 6. Hope to see you there!





ergonomic mouse assistive technology

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