Three Little Switches Are On Target

finger isolation switch

Among the many switches we offer are three devices that isolate the finger.


Switches can offer an excellent means to users with limited fine-motor ability to gain access to a device they need. Previously, we featured two “small but mighty” switches from AbleNet are able to do just that. For some people, however, a button can seem like a target – and a difficult one at that. Three more switches aim to guide the user’s finger just where it needs to be to activate a device: the Finger Isolation Button, Finger Switch, and Fingertip Switch, all three from Enabling Devices.



Finger Isolation Button

finger isolation switch

The recessed cup surrounding the button isolates the finger.

The Finger Isolation Button is encased in a molded surrounding bus. The device encourages finger-isolation touch skills, designed assist children in gaining the motor skills necessary for mastering computer keyboards and touch screen devices. Yes, it teaches fine-motor skills. Its dimensions are 3 inches in depth and 1½ inches in height.





Finger Switch

finger isolation switch

The finger isolation switch consists of a small wire attached to a blue case that attaches to the finger with a Velcro strip.

Designed at the bio-engineering labs at The University of Rhode Island, this little wearable switch is suited for persons with limited mobility. Flexible and adaptable, the switch can be customized to fit the user’s specifications. The dimensions of the switch are: 1½ inches in length and ½ inches in height.




Fingertip Switch

finger isolation switch

The Finger Isolation Switch consists of a red button on a plastic strip that attaches to the finger with Velcro.

Though this little switch is no longer made by Enabling Devices, we still carry it. With the slightest movement of the finger, the user is able to activate the device to which the Fingertip Switch is connected. The Fingertip Switch attaches easily to the hand, thanks to an adjustable Velcro band, which is adjustable for finger length as well. It measures 4 inches in length and 3 inches in width.

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