Can You Hear Me Now? With This Phone, You Can.

hearing impaired phone

The A1600BT phone has many useful features to make communication for hearing-impaired persons easy and pleasant.


Even in the best of conditions, being able to hear the person on the other end can be difficult. For hearing-impaired persons, it’s a true challenge. But wait a minute! Isn’t this a desktop phone with a landline? Do people really use those? Well, yes and no. Let’s look at the ClearSounds iConnect A1600BT. “Why incorporate Bluetooth in a landline phone?” is the question the manufacturer poses. The reason is that this amplified cordless phone with Bluetooth provides someone who is hearing impaired with important flexibility and freedom. Like many people, this population relies on the useful capabilities of a cellphone. At home, however, they can benefit “from the full range of amplification and frequency control, as well as comfort and features that ClearSounds amplified phones have to offer.”


It is a common joke that the main thing a landline is good for, is to locate a misplaced cellphone. Sure, it can do that. Even more, moreover, the A1600BT allows one to use as a cellphone, with the ability to place or receive a cellphone call. Or, one can use both the cell and landline at the same time. (All this while the cellphone is charging.) Furthermore, an extra handset—available as an option—enables the user to extend the versatility the A1600BT provides, all in a second location.


The Clarity P300 assistive technology phone has useful features to help users with hearing and visual impairments.

The Clarity P300 phone has useful features to help users with hearing and visual impairments.

The A1600BT phone has other features that make it a very user-friendly device. The ringtone is adjustable. Enlarged keys, including eight separate dedicated fast-dial buttons) are easy to see and use. The A1600BT can be used hands-free. ClearDigital power amplifies the conversation and delivers it with great clarity and background noise suppression. Also available, as an option, is a vibrating pad for silent ringing.


The A1600BT phone provides hearing-impaired persons an added measure of independence, as the Clarity P300 phone, discussed in this space earlier, does for visually impaired users. And both are available for a free loan trial to persons with disabilities in New Jersey at our Technology Lending Center.

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