Two Little Switches Make a Dynamic Duo

Assistive technology switch Micro Light

The Microlight is a compact switch that is easily activated. Seen here with a blue sticker, four other high-visibility colored stickers are available.


Switches come in many sizes. In today’s piece, we’ll discuss two small but mighty switches, the Micro Light and the Cap switch, both by AbleNet.



Micro Light Switch

The lightest touch with a finger or the chin activates the Micro Light switch. The Micro Light provides has both tactile and auditory click feedback. Five high-visibility colored stickers provide a allow for individual customization, especially for persons with limited vision. A threaded insert on the bottom makes mounting easy. The Micro Light switch measures 1.75 x 0.5 x 0.75 inches.



Cap Switch and Cup Switch

Unlike the rectangular Micro Light, the Cap is a round switch with a non-slip base. Like the Micro Light, the Cap switch is activated by pressing down on the top surface. The Cap switch, too, provides tactile and auditory click feedback. The Cap switch is suited to persons with good a targeting ability. The activation surface measures 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter.


Mini Cup switch assistive tech

The Mini Cup is the smaller of the two Cup switches. The button, similar to that of the Cap switch, is encased.

Similar to the Cap switch, the Cup switch is encased in a plastic cup, offering an extra measure of durability. As with the Cap switch, this device measures 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. The five brightly colored stickers that are included make the Cup switch ideal for persons with low vision. In addition, there is the Mini Cup for those who prefer a smaller switch. (The Buddy Button, likewise, is available in two sizes.) The diameter for the Mini Cup is half that of the regular Cup switch.


Both the Micro Light and the Cap switches are available for a free loan to New Jersey residents at our Technology Lending Center.






Assistive technology switch Micro Light

Assistive technology switch Micro Light

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