Telestick Reaches New Heights

TeleStick reacher physical disability

Folded up, the lightweight TeleStick is 8 inches long. However, it can extend to 34 inches. Each of the 3 heads can pick up an objective as heavy as 1 pound.


Sometimes, certain items are just out of reach. For people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back or knee problems, or other disability that limits hand strength, the TeleStik Portable Reacher can be the solution at hand. Folded up, TeleStik is only 8 inches long, making it highly portable. More important, TeleStik’s stainless steel telescoping shaft expands to 34 inches (or anywhere in between). At the end of the shaft one of three heads can be attached:

  • An adhesive pad
  • A magnet
  • A hook.

Each attachment can safely lift objects as heavy as a pound. However, they are also delicate enough to pick up a piece of paper, paper clip, or key that may have fallen on the floor. With the adhesive head starts to lose its stickiness, one just needs to wash it with soapy water, and it will be as good as new.


The TeleStik also includes a soft, slip-resistant PVC foam handle for added comfort. A person can push, pull, drag and lift items they normally could not reach. If you are in New Jersey, why not try one out free of charge?

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