Perrero Offers Even Greater Accessibility to iOS Devices

Perrero switch interface iOS

Perrero is an advanced switch interface that offers even greater access to iOS devices. Web page scan from the Steeper Group website


Apple iOS devices have a well-deserved reputation for their built-in accessibility features. In addition, many third-party apps and hardware are available on the market. An example of the latter is the Pererro+ Switch Control for Apple iOS, from Steeper Group.


A simple, compact, plug-and-play adapter, Pererro works smoothly with any Apple device. Pererro offers complete iOS device access, without having to touch the screen. Rather, as an advanced interface switch, Perrero allows the user to scan through the on-screen options and chose the function desired. With Perrero, one can message, call or email, share web pages, and use environmental-control apps. In fact, one can even use it to read an e-book.


Perrero has two scan modes: Auto Increment and Press to Increment. This feature allows the user to use their preferred scanning method. As it connects directly to and is powered by the iOS devices, there is no Bluetooth power drain. And there are no batteries to replace or charge. The slightly earlier model we have on hand at our assistive technology lending library can allow New Jersey residents to get an idea about all Perrero has to offer.

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