Put These Handy Devices Around the Room for Easy Communication

Communication devices around the room

Placed around a room, a person unable to speak out loud can communicate needs and desires.


As we have mentioned in this space earlier, people unable to express their needs, desires, and thoughts out loud still have something to say. (Previous examples also include QuickTalker and the Talkable line.) The disabilities and needs of these people vary as much as the variety of Augmentative and Assistive Communication (AAC) devices to assist them. Much of this assistive technology is fixed on the person’s computer or wheelchair. What about those who are walking around the room? Presenting Put-Em-Arounds.


Made in the U.S.A. by Enabling Devices, one or more of these handy communicators can be placed around a room at home or school. Each device can be programmed with a 20-second message; a holder beneath the large switch accommodates a picture representing what to say. Put-Em-Arounds enable the users to “to actively participate with their peers, family, and teachers.” In schools, teachers mount the devices on the wall or place them atop a lapboard or on a table.


Sold as single units or in boxes of 5 or 10, Put-Em-Arounds allow users to “be part of the conversation wherever they are, giving them “the ability to initiate communication throughout their day.” If you are in New Jersey, why not try Put-Em-Arounds for free from our lending library?

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