Meet Melody Williams, Our Direct-Support Professional of the Month

Melody Williams is our direct-support professional of the month New Jersey group home disabilities

Melody Williams is our direct-support professional of the month. She works at the Demarest residence.


“We are instituting the Residential Support Staff of the Month to recognize those direct-care staff who go above and beyond to support our consumers in achieving their goals and in ensuring they lead safe and enriching lives,” announced Paul Ronollo, Director of Residential and Community Support Services. This initiative is part of our effort to ensure the best for our group home residents.


Paul Ronollo, Residential Services Director, ensures our New Jersey group home residents have the very best in care.

Paul Ronollo, Residential Services Director

“This month, we recognize Melody Williams, Residential Support Lead of the Demarest group home,” said Paul. “She works closely with her manager, Shadasia Green, to provide services to our consumers, focusing on promoting independence.” He pointed out that Melody was very helpful when Shadasia was on leave. Melody helped two recent admissions to the residence adjust to their new home. “Melody is always positive and upbeat and is a real pleasure to work with.”


“I would like to thank everyone for recognizing all my hard work,” said Melody. “I have been in the Demarest home over a year and a half, and all our staff has worked so hard with the new transition in the home. It has been a major change from having one consumer to having two new consumers moving in a week apart, but we all pulled our weight and made each consumer move in successful, welcoming them and their families with open arms and making them feel as comfortable as possible. I am much honored to be here with Advancing Opportunities and look forward to being here many more years. Thank you, team.”


Melody Williams works at our Demarest, New Jersey, group home.

Melody Williams



“Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition,” said Bill Curnan, Chief Operating Officer. “Your care and support of those we serve are appreciated by the entire Advancing Opportunities team, along with our consumers, their families, and guardians.” Added Bill, “Keep up the good work. It is noticed and valued.”
“Great job, Melody; we really appreciate all you do!” said Harlie Abrams, Senior Administrative Assistant.


“Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and dedication,” said Alyssa Lovill, Behaviorist. “Hard work like yours is key in what makes our consumers’ lives so meaningful. Your support for the consumers in achieving their goals and enriching their lives are truly valued.”


We will feature more about our Demarest group home and the residents in a future post.

Advancing Opportunities group residence in Demarest New Jersey

Advancing Opportunities’ Demarest group home



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