Good Vibrations with the Koosh Switch

koosh switch assistive tech children

The Koosh Switch provides tactile and sensory feedback while controlling a favorite device.


Assistive Technology. Many people who read those words think of technology, high technology. Indeed, most of what is in our Technology Lending Center is indeed high-tech. AT, however, can also be low-tech, such as a switch with a large surface or a pen with an ergonomic handle. Furthermore, children with disabilities love to play as much as do their regularly abled peers.


So, children will love the cheerful and colorful Koosh Switch, from Enabling Devices. “Touch the compelling ball of rubber strings and you are instantly rewarded with lights, music, and vibration,” says the manufacturer. Great fun! Lights and music are disabled when used as a switch.


Try the Koosh Switch. Setup is easy: simply connect the 1/8” jack to the switch and the device to be activated. The feel of the “Koosh” and vibrations provide sensory feedback. (The Koosh Switch requires two AA batteries.) In addition to being a switch, the Koosh turns children on to the science of cause and effect, creating a show of lights and music. (This feature turns off when the unit is being used as a switch.)


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