The Easy Listener Personal FM System Is Hear to Help

Easy Listener FM system hearing

Though portable and lightweight, the Easy Listener FM system from Williams Sound delivers high performance in noisy areas.


There’s no doubt that hearing aids are a wonderful invention. However, at times background clamor, the distance to the sound source, or echo effects can pose a challenge to understanding speech clearly. Here’s where Easy Listener, a light, portable FM system comes in. From Williams Sound, the U.S.-made device features 17 narrow-band channels, with operating range of 150 feet. With that, Easy Listener has been popular among college and university students with auditory disabilities.


The Easy Listening system comprises a body-pack FM transmitter (model PE300T) and an FM receiver (model PE300T) with accompanying headphones, charge kit with rechargeable batteries, and a system carrying case. In addition, a wide variety of compatible ear buds and microphones are available.


If you are in New Jersey, why not sample an Easy Listener FM system for yourself. And should you purchase the device, an Assistive Technology Specialist will gladly assist with setup.

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