Ronnie Teague Loves Being Around People

Ronnie community social program testimonial

With his trademark smile, Ronnie talks about the people he has met, old buddies and new friends alike.

If a man wearing a baseball and bearing a generous smile cap greets you at an Adults’ Night Out event, chances are it’s Ronnie T. “I like being around people,” he says, “I like going to the events.” Though “He socializes with everyone,” according to his mom, Chris, Ronnie’s cheerful personality has endeared him among the youngest consumers at many family events. “I love being with kids,” he says.


Going to the movies affords Ronnie another opportunity to socialize with his ANO friends, as everyone meets for lunch or dinner beforehand. As for the recent Annual Family Holiday Party in Budd Lake, says Chris, “We had a great time at the party. He met new people. It was all about new friends at the party. It was nice.”


Ronnie is looking forward to joining his ANO companions for family day events in the community throughout the year.

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