Oh, the Places People with CP Will Go!

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A predecessor? Thomas Bayliss designed this sleek tricycle in 1885; it still looks modern. Photo from the Classic Motorcycle Archive, via Wikimedia Commons



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Volocipede. Its name means “quick foot.” More and more, modern trikes are making the freedom of motion accessible to all. Photo from the Science Museum, London, via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since she could walk, Sayers Grooms wanted to run. To experience the feeling of freedom moving quickly could provide. However, Sayers’s cerebral palsy made even walking difficult for her. Nevertheless, by age 5, Sayers pushed herself to walk assisted. Three years later, her parents learned about RaceRunning, a Danish organization that since 1991 encourages the sport that bears its name and custom builds sleek three-wheeled cycles that accommodate balancing challenges for their riders. These tricycles have no pedals; the rider creates motion directly with their feet. In addition, RaceRunning trikes have a comfortable chest support.


Earlier this year, a detailed article in USA Today told Sayers’s story. According to the article, RaceRunning has been gaining worldwide fame and acceptance. In fact, “In October 2017, the International Paralympic Committee announced that RaceRunning would be a World Para Athletics event. This means that RaceRunning competitions will be included in major international Para events moving forward. Inclusion of RaceRunning in these major Paralympic events moves the sport closer and closer to eventual inclusion in the Paralympic Games.”


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With the proper assistive technology, Dan Wrinn is able to pursue his career objective.

For people with cerebral palsy in the U.S., a company named Rad Innovations carries several lines of adaptive bikes. And although our Technology Lending Center does not have these bikes for consumers to take on a test drive, many other innovative assistive technology devices helping assist persons with cerebral palsy such as Dan Wrinn.


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