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Division Developmental Disabilities DDD update



Hello Division Constituents and Community Partners,


On June 7, the Division announced it would defer the transfer of individuals dually enrolled in both the DDD Self-Directed Employee (SDE) Option and the DDS Personal Preference Program (PPP) to the new Fiscal Intermediary, Public Partnerships for 90 days. At that time, the deadline for completion of Public Partnerships enrollment for dual enrollees’ DDD Employer of Record and Self-Directed Employee/s (SDE) was extended from July 1 to October 1.


This extension was granted to allow time for the Department of Human Services to research an unique issue that had emerged for many PPP/DDD SDE Option dual enrollees with regard to obtaining a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). Because that research is still ongoing and a final determination regarding the EIN issue has not been made, the Division is extending the enrollment deadline for PPP/DDD SDE Option dual enrollees an additional 90 days, with a revised deadline of February 1, 2018.


At this time, all PPP/DDD SDE Option dual enrollees should continue to submit SDE timesheets to Easterseals NJ, including individuals/families that notified the Division of their preference to opt out of the 90-day extension. The Division expects to begin transferring individuals who requested to opt out of the 90-day extension in the coming weeks. Participants who have been identified to transfer will receive a Public Partnerships Welcome Packet for each SDE they employ, which will include SDE timesheets.


If you are unsure whether you requested to opt out of the 90-day extension; or, if you did not opt out previously but would like to do so now, please contact the Division’s Fee-for-Service Help Desk: DDD.FeeForService@dhs.state.nj.us.


Thank you,


Liz Shea
Elizabeth M. Shea
Assistant Commissioner
New Jersey Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Division Developmental Disabilities DDD updateDivision Developmental Disabilities DDD update
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