In the Community and at Home for the Holidays

From our team to your family, we at Advancing Opportunities would like to take the time to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy Chanukkah. Staff have been working and playing hard to make this a festive time of year for the individuals in our community respite and residential programs.


Adults’ and Parents’ Night Out, Northwest New Jersey

Our children, teens, and adults gathered to dance and socialize at the annual ANO/PNO Family Holiday Party, to which family members were invited. DJ Marie provided the music to get everyone up and dancing. Each family brought an entree for the pot-luck dinner.


Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

With DJ Marie providing the music, individuals of all ages were enjoying the opportunity to dance.

Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

Our individuals and their families socialized and danced at the ANO/PNO Family Holiday Party.










Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

Jessica invited Sarah to dance, bringing smiles to the faces of both

Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

Our CEO, Jack Mudge (left), joined in the dancing.









The day after the Family Holiday Party, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, teens and young adults got together to create their own gingerbread houses, with a variety of colorful—and tasty—materials.


Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

Devany and Marisa take time to reflect on their imaginative creations.

ANO holiday party 2018

Eric shows the gingerbread house he created with pride.








Weekend Recreation, Northeast New Jersey

Holiday- and seasonal-themed events are popular with our Weekend Recreation participants year round. The Christmas holiday this year was certainly no exception! The Little Falls Civic Center kindly provided the space, while donations provided for a delicious buffet. Activities included dancing to the music of DJ Johnathan, a festive lunch, and a fashion show to show off that colorful holiday attire!


Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

Spirited holiday music from our DJ got everyone up and dancing!

Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

…and more and more people joined in the dancing!








Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

Wearing their holiday or Sunday best, contestants line up for the fashion show.

Advancing Opportunities holiday joy 2018

A hearty meal is the perfect thing to bring people together for the holidays.











And Our Group Home Residents!

A party at which the residents of the northern New Jersey group homes is planned for Saturday, December 22.

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