Savasti Helps the Robbinsville Residents Be Themselves

Savasti Muskgrove Direct Support Professional New Jersey

Dedicated direct support professionals like Savasti Muskgrove help the gentlemen at the Robbinsville residence feel right at home.


Early in her career, Savasti Muskgrove worked with children, some of whom had disabilities and behavioral challenges. “I have always had a heart for people with disabilities and others treated differently by society,” says Savasti. “I try to find a way to navigate through life without making them feel different. I work with them so they can achieve their potential.” Savasti works with the gentlemen at the Robbinsville group home. For her dedication, Savasti earned recognition as Direct Support Professional of the Month.


At Robbinsville, Savasti takes great pleasure in serving the residents, the “one-on-one interaction and enjoying their personalities.”  I try to give care to people, as if they were my family, my loved ones,” she says. “I like to provide a safe environment. I like engaging with people and helping any which way I can.”


As a direct-support professional, says Savasti, “I like being hands-on. When you are hands on, you are better equipped to provide for that person.” Savasti knows that when she does what she loves, she, too benefits. “Helping others really keeps me focused. When I take my mind off myself, it keeps me grounded. It helps me get through my day,” she says.


Most important, Savasti values giving of herself, “building a relationship where they trust me.” Continues Savasti, “When they see me, they smile. They want someone willing to work with them and understand how they function… help them be themselves.”

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