The Array 2S Soundmax Microphone: Now You’re Talking!

Array 2S speech recognition microphone

The Array 2S uses two-channel input, which enhances its speech-recognition ability.



An increasing number of people are using their voices to gain access to the electronic devices they use to perform everyday tasks. However, for persons with cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, and other neurological conditions, enunciating speech can be a challenge. Another individual who has benefitted from speech-to-text technology is Stephanie, who is deaf.


Manufactured by Andrea Communications, the Array 2S is a stereo microphone. According to the company, “The Array 2S can be used as a beamforming array microphone and provides far-field speech recognition with the accuracy of a ‘close talking’ microphone.” Andrea claims that its technology provides superior quality and performance over a single-element microphone by eliminating background noise. The Array 2S also provides far-field speech recognition that is as accurate as a close-talking microphone. Noise reduction is in the 20- to 25-dB range.


Small and compact, the Array 2S is easily mounted atop a computer monitor. The Array 2S can be used with such programs as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Both the microphone and Dragon are available at our Technology Lending Center, the premier assistive tech lending library in New Jersey. And for residents, the service is available for free!


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