Mother Watches over You, and Silver Mother Watches over Her

Silver Mother monitor elderly

Silver Mother is a central monitor that connects to four sensors that can be placed anywhere.



Worried about your elderly Mom (or Dad)? Silver Mother watches over her family, a set of four multipurpose sensors called “Cookies.” These monitor any important object. Such as a pill box or bottle, TV remote, refrigerator door (to monitor mealtimes), or coffee machine. Putting a sensor on the front door helps prevent a senior with dementia from wandering, by detecting openings and tracking comings and goings. Silver Mother alerts when loved ones leave the house alone or at unplanned times. The hub, a.k.a. Mother, monitors these sensors.


Silver Mother monitor elderly

Photo by Dimon Pyushkov, via Wikimedia Commons

Monitor daily living habits to gain peace of mind: Place a sensor on frequently used objects like fridge door, coffee machine, or TV remote to record living patterns. View activity history remotely and get alerts if something is amiss. And, yes: the sensors are reusable and can be reprogrammed for a new task.


Most important, Silver Mother affords an elderly person a degree of independence, with minimal intrusion. One can care for him or her through remote monitoring, rather than being actually present and intrusive. Should Mom or Dad forget to take needed medication, for example, the sensor will remind them by phone and send a report to the monitor’s Apple or Android smartphone.



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