Jazmann Gillespie Is Excited to Be Helping People, Now & in the Future

Jazmann Direct Support Professional of the month at Advancing Opportunities

Jazmann Gillespie has been a Direct-Support Professional at Advancing Opportunities for Three Years. She works at the Emerson group home.


“I’m excited,” says Jazmann Gillespie, who has worked at the Emerson group home over the past three years. Jazmann is “very proud… and glad” to be recognized and honored as Direct Support Professional of the Month.

Jazmann direct support professional assists consumer with art project.

Jazmann, far left, helps Frank G. choose a color for an art project.

It all started while she was in school, studying radiology. While working in a hospital, Jazmann saw a man who appeared to be disoriented. Right away, she helped the man get back to where he needed to be. “I like helping people,” says Jazmann, who realized that being a home health aide offered her closer contact with the people with whom she would be working. Becoming a Direct-Support Professional was the logical next step. When asked what she like most about her current position, Jazmann’s immediate reply was “Helping, teaching [the residents] new things, making sure they’re happy.” In addition to being with the residents at home, she enjoys taking them out to eat, visiting a local park, and going to the mall. Jazmann wants to continue in this field, with plans on managing and coordinating a group home. In addition to the Emerson family, Jazmann is very happy in her own family, loving her new job as a mother to a baby boy. She likes to spend time with her family, at home and at local waterparks. “They’re amazing,” says Sakina Gillespie, Emerson Residential Manager, of Jazmann and the rest of the team. “I couldn’t do it without them.”

As for nominating Jazmann, Sakina nominated her “because she loves to learn …. She’s super dedicated very good with the individuals.” Sakina says she does not have to worry when she is not in. “Jazzman wants to learn more. She knows how to run my group home. I feel she will become a manager … in the very near future.”


This article is the third of a continuing feature on our Direct-Support Professional of the Month program, recognizing the talents of one of our specialists in the Residential Services program. The Emerson group home will be the subject of a future article in this space.

Jazmann Gillespie has been a Direct-Support Professional at Advancing Opportunities for Three Years. She works at the Emerson group home.

Jazmann Gillespie

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