Ablenet’s New Blue2 Bluetooth Switch Offers Access to Many Apps and Programs

Jellybean switches have been around for a while; coming in multiple forms, these devices offer people with severe physical disabilities to switch devices on and off. However, they required a cord and contact prongs. With Bluetooth wireless devices increasingly common, applying the technology to a handy assistive technology device was a logical next step. Enter Ablenet’s new Blue2 Bluetooth switch.


The Blue2 offers either single- or dual-switch access to Apple devices running iOS 7, as well as the company’s desktop or laptop computers running OS X Mavericks. Blue2 also provides access to apps and programs running on the Windows and Android operating systems. Connection to one’s favorite device via Bluetooth is easy and quick to set up. According to Ablenet, “new features include an improved switch-activation surface that takes 40 percent less pressure [than the original Blue2] to activate, multiple modes of operation for compatibility to all apps, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and a sleek, modern design.” Two external switch jacks allow for additional switches to be connected. In addition, the user can program one to four custom keystrokes to use with any app or software.


Ablenet Blue2 Bluetooth switch provides access to your favorite apps and programs.

The Ablenet Blue2 Bluetooth switch offers convenient wireless access to all switch-accessible devices running on iOS, OSX, Windows, and Android operating systems.


Note: The Blue2 switch is compatible with most tablet, desktop, and laptop computers that have a Bluetooth connection. It should be noted that Blue2 requires iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, or switch-accessible software or apps. The rechargeable battery should last about 13 hours between charges.


Want to check it out before you buy? New Jersey residents with a disability can borrow the Ablenet Blue2 Bluetooth switch free of charge from our Technology Lending Center!



…back in days past, the most technologically advanced switch looked something like this:

The jellybean button is an example of low-tech assistive technology allowing children with disabilities access to play.

Not all assistive technology is hi-tech! Thanks to this jellybean switch, a child with a physical disability can play with his or her favorite toy, like any other child.

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