BIGtrack Tackball: A Mouse for Little Hands

BIGtrack trackball mouse

Indeed, this is a big trackball for little hands. And, yes, it really looks like a mouse!


As children across the nation head back to school this week, it is worth examining BIGtrack, a trackball mouse by AbleNet made especially for their little hands. This friendly-looking large trackball can assist most small children, as develop their fine-motor skills. For those with physical challenges, moreover, the very size and ease of use of the BIGtrack can make all the difference when it comes to accessibility to computer technology.


Central to the BIGtrack by AbleNet is its generous 3-in (7.62 cm) trackball. Once the cursor is in place, the user can press one of the two large, brightly colored buttons at the top, for left- or right-hand click. BIGtrack also features two switch jacks to accommodate external button switches, should the user require them. And as for the giant yellow trackball, that can be moved with an elbow or a foot.


An interesting feature is the drag lock. Drag lock allows the user to move an object to another position on the screen without having to keep holding the mouse-click button down. Once that object is in the right place, the user need only double right click. Thereafter, the user can move a locked object with the large trackball; a single right click releases it. Also helpful are the auditory and tactile feedback the buttons provide.


Highly versatile, the BIGtrack is compatible with most desktop, laptop, and tablet computers working on iOS, Windows, or Android. Connection is via either USB or PS/2. And, yes, we have it at our Technology Lending Center.


As for trackballs, they’re not just for gamers! A variety of these trackball mice have proven useful for our consumers young and old!

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