The Clarity P300 assistive technology phone has useful features to help users with hearing and visual impairments.

The Clarity P300 phone has useful features to help users with hearing and visual impairments.


By definition, assistive technology is anything that enables a person with a disability to perform a task able-bodied people can perform on their own. Of all the categories of items available from our Technology Lending Center, “Aids for Daily Living” is the broadest. This week, we present a phone that helps people with hearing impairments tune in to the conversation. Nowadays, there are sophisticated smartphone voice-recognition apps. However, some people prefer a basic, easy-to-use corded phone. Enter the Clarity P300. This phone works like any other landline phone; it is what’s inside, however, that sets it apart. Special technology not only amplifies the voice on the other end, but also makes it more clear and easier to understand. The system amplifies the voice to as many as 26 decibels, making it a good choice for users with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. (This feature is adjustable, using a graduated scale.) September is Hearing


What’s more, the phone is also a welcome addition for persons with visual impairments. Large, high-contrast buttons make calling much easier than with most phones. To make calling regularly used numbers easier, space at the top of the phone allows for nine photos or other visual representations to be inserted in large, readily visible “photo memory buttons.” Of course, the Clarity P300 has the traditional shortcuts, such as REDAIL and FLASH.


The Clarity P300 is compatible with hearing aids. In addition, the volume of the ringer is adjustable to as many as 75 decibels, much more than most phones. A bright, lighted ring indicator is at the base to complement the ringer.


Not sure whether to buy? New Jersey residents can try the Clarity P300 out at no cost by borrowing from the Technology Lending Center at Advancing Opportunities. Clarity makes other corded phones as well, along with a line of cordless devices, as well as phones with handy features such as “talk-back” buttons.